FirstCov Students

 Ignite 56 (5th - 6th Grade)

SUNDAY MORNINGS: Ignite 56 (5th - 6th grade) meets every Sunday morning between 10:30 – 11:45am.  Our students are engaged in the Bible through video, games, large group teaching, and small group discussions.  In addition to the Bible lesson, each week kids engage in group activities, work on a scripture memory verses, and have a lot of fun with their leaders!

 WEDNESDAY EVENINGS: Ignite 56 students meet every Wednesday night for youth group at church during the school year.  Programs start at 6:30pm at First Cov  and end at 8:00pm. Our night involves high energy games, interactive lessons, small group break outs, and crazy, memorable moments! It’s a great night for kids to figure out what they believe and WHY they believe it! 

Blaze 78 (Middle school)

SUNDAY MORNINGS: Middle School (7th - 8th Grade) Students are invited to join our Discipleship and Confirmation class between 10:30-11:45am. This year we are looking at the New Testament and our foundations for faith – our building blocks.  We will be answering questions like; Who is God? What do we believe about the Bible? What is God’s relationship to the world? Who is Jesus Christ? How does one become a Christian?

We answer these questions and explore God’s word together through large and small group discussions and activities.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS: Blaze 78 students meet every Wednesday night during the school year for youth group at church.  Youth group starts at 6:30pm and ends at 8:00pm. Our night involves high energy games, interactive lessons, small group break outs, and crazy, memorable moments!


FirstCov High School is a community of teens being transformed. We want them to know God and become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ to bring glory and honor with their lives. We hope and expect to raise up spiritual leaders to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

We are a community of students from 9th grade - 12th grade.  It’s a place for fun! It’s a place for students to connect in small groups with peers and leaders. It’s a place to explore the story of God and to find a place within it. It’s a place to experience the life-changing power of Jesus through acts of service. It’s a place to express real faith in the real world. It’s an experience not to be missed.


RADIATE (Youth Group) | We gather to seek God and to be changed by him. Our gatherings include a central focus on the Word of God, high intentionality of prayer and worship, games, life groups and continual growth through community. The gatherings take place every other Sunday evening (usually 1st & 3rd Sunday) at FirstCov (1933 Tremont Blvd NW Grand Rapids, 49504) from 6:00 - 8:00p in the youth room/gym.

CONNECT EVENTS | We aim to offer 3-5 BIG EVENTS throughout the semesters.  These events will vary with different degrees of purpose within the year.  Look to communication platforms as events will be posted! 

RADIATE:SERVE | We offer serve nights throughout the year.  We also acknowledge that the act of service encourages the focus off of one’s self and directs us towards Christ. Usually on the 2nd Sunday of each month we will have serve night.  These opportunities will typically be between 6:00 - 8:00p (times and locations may vary depending on the event).


SQUAD (Going Deeper/Discipleship) | Each student has the opportunity to be involved in a SQUAD group. Students who engage in SQUAD will build Christ-centered relationships with 2-3 other peers and leader by gathering 1-2 per month. This is an opportunity to grow deeper in your faith, be encouraged, pray for each other, and have fun! Txt or E-mail Josh if you are interested and we will set you up!

PRAISE BAND | We are called to live a life of worship to God and serve God with our gifts and talents. We are looking for musicians and vocal leaders to join us!  We practice on RADIATE nights Sundays at 4:45p in the youth room. See Josh for more information!

STUDENT LEADERSHIP TEAM | This is a place for students to explore their spiritual gifts, leadership skills, and empower them serve.  We will focus on encouraging their peers through prayer and mentorship.  They will have the opportunity to plan our hangout/service nights and other events! Meetings are usually 4th Sunday and times vary.


COMMUNICATION | We will do our best in keeping you update with all the information we know! We do this through, High School Parent Update E-mail, Texting (txt “firstcovseniorhigh” to 31996), Facebook (FirstCovGR Youth Group), Instagram (firstcovgr_sh) & our Website/Calendar.

REGISTRATION/WAIVER | More info coming soon!

YOUTH GROUP DINNERS | We are looking for people to help make dinners on Sunday nights for youth group (6-8p).  We will have about 30 people this year for dinners.  Give Josh the receipt & we will reimburse. Interested? Contact Josh

Winter Retreat
Mission Trip to Guatemala: August 1-8, 2021





Michelle Ludge

Director of Middle School Ministries / Children’s Ministries Team Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Involved?

If you are interested in being a Ignite 56 or middle school leader, contact Michelle Ludge

If you are interested in being a high school leader, contact Josh Hinken

Who Are Your Youth Leaders?

Our youth leaders are active participants in the life of FirstCovGR. Some were born and raised at FirstCov, some have students in the ministry, and some are local college students and young adults.

We do background checks on all of our leaders and continually train and equip them for serving in their roles.

When Can I Join?

It doesn't matter what time of year! We'll get you plugged into the appropriate group no matter what time of the year. We have different programs happening all year long.