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High School Happenings @ FirstCovGR

by Josh Hinken on September 17, 2021

Hello Parents,

This PAST SUNDAY we had our FirstCovGR Fall Kick-off event (potluck & fun). It was so good to see many of you there!  THIS SUNDAY we start our DNA groups in the morning and at night we have our YOUTH GROUP FALL KICK-OFF from 5:30-8p.  We are calling it “THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE” because it is a smash up of 4 different events (amazing race, Messy Night, Photo Scavenger Hunt, & Bigger or Better).  We are looking for 2 parents who are willing to be potential back up drivers depending on how many students show up.  Would you be willing to be a back of driver/help lead a small group around town as they complete the challenges?  We are aiming to leave at 6p and be back closer to 7:30p.  NEXT SUNDAY is student leadership team at 4:30p & a regular youth group night from 6-8p.  Look below for more info and details.

We are bringing back high school youth group dinners!  We are looking for adult(s) willing to prepare a meal on Radiate (youth group nights).  Here is the sign up form & more details: https://bit.ly/hs_dinnersignup.

Lastly, adult midweek ministry is hosting a “Power of Prayer – Parents of High Schoolers & Young Adults” prayer group from 6:45 – 7:45p in room 103 on Wednesday nights.  Led by Brooke Johnston.  Starting October 6! I'm so excited for this opportunity! Let's tap into the power of prayer!! 

Blessings! Josh Hinken (616.295.0772 | )(Facebook.com/josh.hinken | Instagram.com/hnkn11).






  • 5:30-8p Meet at FirstCov // Join us in the youth room for food and get pumped for the ultimate challenge. We can’t give it all away, but be ready to hang with friends, travel around town, snap some pics, get messy-ish, and be challenged. See you there!

SUNDAY (9/26) 


  • 4:30 - 5:45p in the youth room // High School students, let’s talk leadership & life! Txt Josh (616.295.0772) your Applebee’s order by 12p on Sunday.


  • 6-8P @ FirstCov // Come hangout, eat food, have fun, encounter Jesus, and connect in your Life Group.



  • 6-8P @ FirstCov // Come hangout, eat food, have fun, encounter Jesus, and connect in your Life Group. Praiseband practice at 4:30p.



  • Is your child in a sport, marching band, school musical, and/or something else that we can support?? Tell us their schedules!!  Michelle Ludge, the high school leaders and/or I would love to come and support your child. Let us know!


  • We will do our best in keeping you update with all the information we know!  We do this through: E-mails, Texting, Facebook (FirstCovGR Youth Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/firstcovgr.youth), Instagram (firstcovgr_sh), Website (firstcovgr.org/students), & Calendar (https://bit.ly/students_calendar). You could also just visit our link tree (https://linktr.ee/firstcovgr_hs) for all these links and more!


  • What is DNA?  We have a few DNA groups already connecting and encounter Jesus together! More groups to come! What is a DNA group?  DNA groups are an awesome opportunity for a deeper Bible study and a disciple making opportunity for our middle school and high school students outside of our normal weekly gatherings. We are calling it DNA (Discipleship, Nurturing, Accountability). In short, DNA is a process of inviting 2-3 students on a journey to become committed followers of Jesus. The concept is first recognizing that the Holy Spirit is the teacher. Then through a simple process together we will discover Jesus’ commands and stories, engage daily with God’s Word, listen to each other, and hopefully grow our faith in a new, and meaningful way.  Then we will ask… Who is next?! The hope is to equip our students so that they would be able to initiate their own DNA group.


  • FirstCovGR Student Ministry is a community of teens being transformed. We want them to know God and become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ to bring glory and honor with their lives. We hope and expect to raise up spiritual leaders to impact the world for Jesus Christ.
  • We are a community of students from 9th grade - 12th grade. It’s a place for fun! It’s a place for students to connect in small groups with peers and leaders. It’s a place to explore the story of God and to find a place within it. It’s a place to experience the life-changing power of Jesus through acts of service. It’s a place to express real faith in the real world. It’s an experience not to be missed.


  • You must have a current FirstCovGR Student Registration/Waiver for August 2021 - August 2022 submitted to participate at FirstCovGR's student ministry events. Please fill out one form per student. (Form: https://bit.ly/student_waiver)


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